Our subscribers base their buying policy on the AIB newsletter, which is distributed by means of weekly market information e-mail updates. These bulletins are based on the reports of our correspondents and informants who are located throughout Europe: experts with years of experience in the domestic and international slaughter stock and meat trading industry.

Weekly Updates

You will receive a news bulletin five times a week, which will include:

  1. Monday, around 10:45am CET: price changes for pork cuts.
  2. Tuesday: the Anderlecht quotations (Belgium).
  3. Friday morning: the trend and/or expected price for pork cuts for the following week and the expected prices for slaughter pigs in Germany.
  4. Friday afternoon: the official German slaughter pig quotations for the new Slaughter Week, as well as the Dutch slaughter pig prices and data from the Rungis Meat Market in Paris.
  5. Saturday morning: quotations from the Utrecht Pig Exchange (NBHV), pig and piglet prices from Denmark and Brittany and quotations from Danis and Westvlees (Belgium).

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